Positano Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Tips
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Amalfi Coast Travel Tips

The Amalfi Coast is not only a true gem of Italy but also one of the most romantic places in the world. Compared to the famous Côte d’Azur, the Amalfi Coast is just a little bit more relaxed and laid-back which does under no circumstances mean that it is less luxurious. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that some of Italy’s and the world’s finest hotels and restaurants are situated along the coast and hilltop villages.

Amalfi Coast Travel Tips Italy

Getting there

The nearest airport is in Naples. From there we would recommend you take a rental-car (book online in advance and think about getting your own excess insurance). You can of course also let your Hotel know when your flight arrives and schedule a pick-up service with them. Personally, we prefer to have the freedom of our own car to cruise around but please be aware that you should be a very experienced and patient driver when navigating the narrow winding Cliffside coastal roads. Depending on your location you should plan around a 1 to 2,5 hour drive to reach your final destination along the coast.

Naples Amalfi Coast Travel Tips


In the past few years Positano has become somewhat of a hotspot for not only the rich & famous but also Bloggers & Instagrammers. And it is not hard to see why. This picturesque town offers the most perfect instagrammable backdrop and one does not need to be a professional photographer to capture truly unique moments.

If you are in Positano you may want to consider taking a boat and visit the Grotta delle Matera and the cove Marina di Crapolla (with Roman- villa ruins on the beach).

Positano Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Tips

Li Galli

If you have between € 55,000 to € 150,000 per week to spend on your holiday we suggest you rent the private archipelago of three small islands called Li Galli. According to Greek mythology, the Sirens attempted to lure Odysseus to his death on the rocks.

You can host up to 12 guests and even get married in your very own small white wedding chapel. The main island is shaped like a jumping dolphin and the crystal-clear water makes it a spectacular snorkeling spot. You can hire a private boat and arrange a trip around the archipelago and go for a swim if you do want to get a taste of the island without the steep price-tag.Amalfi Coast Travel Tips Li Galli



The most prominent place on the Amalfi Coast is probably the island of Capri. You can catch a ferry from either Naples or Sorrento. The ferry ride can be quite an adventure depending on the intensity of the waves.

Capri is a major tourist attraction so be aware that there will be masses of people. There will also be individuals who want to try and sell you a boat ride around the island including Grottos. Try not to be intimidated and compare prices first. We definitely recommend a boat trip around the island but some offers are rip-offs. Please also note that the famous Blue Grotto is closed most of the time (when weather and sea conditions are mild, it may open in the morning only).

Capri Farglioni Amalfi Coast Travel Tips

It is also worth going up to Anacapri and stroll through the many alleyways with its charming boutiques. You do not necessarily need to get your own cabriolet-taxi but can also opt for the official bus. The winding cliffside road is so scarily tight, you may not wish to look out the window.

When in Anacapri you should also go to Villa San Michele from where you have a breathtaking view. It is no surprise that a real-life Swedish princess was proposed to at this romantic place.

Please make sure you catch the right ferry on your way back as it might get confusing due to the many day-tourists lining up going back to the mainland. Be aware as there are several different operators. There are of course also taxi boat services available in case you won’t catch your ferry.

Capri Amalfi Coast Travel Tips


The place that has given the coast its melodic name should certainly not be missed on your coastal sightseeing tour. The town has a truly fascinating history and its setting between the mountains and the sea is quite spectacular. Amalfi’s foundation goes back to the Romans and since 1997 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A must see is the famous Duomo which fuses Arab and Sicilian architecture to a magnificent cathedral. You may also want to stroll down the pier up until the lighthouse (this is a lovely spot for selfie lovers).


For many people the hilltop village of Ravello is the true jewel of the Amalfi coast. One journalist described it very fitting: “If Positano is the glamour-puss of the costiera, Ravello is its refined, aristocratic cousin”. It is said that the most beautiful and romantic garden on the Amalfi coast is the one of Villa Rufolo (Richard Wagner fans might know that this place inspired his opera Parsifal). Another garden you should visit is the one of Villa Cimbrone which boasts an infinity terrace from where you have amazing views over the coast and it almost seems like you are standing on the same level with the surrounding clouds.

Ravello has probably the most diverse admirers, from fans of classical music who come to celebrate the legacy of Wagner and Grieg to famous Russian models who celebrate lavish weddings in the town’s momentous Duomo.

Villa Cimbrone Ravello Terrace


A visit to Pompeii is undoubtedly fascinating. The grounds are vast and most probably bigger than you anticipate. After all it was a bustling city when the volcano buried it underneath its lava stream. One can easily spend an entire day discovering this site but you should definitely plan at least three hours. Once inside there is only a small café and restroom facilities. Be sure to bring water, sunscreen and a hat as the site only offers minimal shade. You should also consider wearing comfortable closed shoes (which will be incredibly dusty after your visit). Be advised that the rough surfaces make it hard for wheelchairs and prams. A tour guide is not necessarily needed but you can hire one at the entrance. For more independence you are probably better off with an audio guide that is also available at a kiosk. Be sure to ask for the map in your language before you enter the site as it is very easy to get lost.

Pompaii Travel Tips Vesuvius

Where to stay

It is up to personal preference where you would want to stay and also what you have planned for your trip but generally speaking if you are planning a sightseeing trip then Sorrento is probably best suited spot for you. We stayed in Positano and as it is quite in the middle of all major Amalfi-destination, everything was accessible by car. However you do have to calculate that a lot of time will be lost driving between the small coastal villages. Insiders say that if you really want to experience romance then you should stay in Capri because once all the day-tourists have left the island, the true magic of this place will shine through.

Nevertheless, wherever you stay you will find excellent Hotels and restaurants like Villa Treville, Le Sirenuse, Hotel Santa Caterina and Il San Pietro di Positano to name a few.

 Amalfi Coast Sorrento Travel Tips Italy

When to go

It again depends on the nature of your trip (sightseeing tour or beach holiday). Generally speaking the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is May, June, September and early October. Please note that most places shut down from November to March.

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