Care Advice

To keep your watch ring in perfect condition you should clean it properly and keep a few factors in mind. Try to avoid extreme humidity and heat, sunlight as well as chemicals. Do not wear it when you take a shower or a bath or during swimming and constant contact with water. Do not apply creams when wearing your watch ring.

You can gently polish and clean your watch ring with a lint-free cloth. Do not soak it in cleaning detergent or washing-up liquid.

We recommend storing your watch ring in our ‘de Caron’ microfiber pouch that it comes in. The microfiber material has been carefully selected to be used as a non-abrasive cleaning cloth for your watch ring. The ruffled pouch is also perfect when you travel and you can keep your watch ring separate from other jewellery pieces making sure that all of your jewellery is not tangled or scratched.