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de Caron Black Ring Watch featured in InTouch Rugby

Our matte black ring watch has been featured in the Back To School Gift Guides of InTouch Rugby, Axios Rugbyrep and Rugby & Lifestyle USA. Our watch rings are a really unique but functional Back To School gift.

ring watch

“Have you ever been in the situation where you had an exam and had to leave your phone in the pocket for obvious reasons? And wouldn’t that be stress enough you have forgotten to wear your watch because you only wear it on certain occasions because it is too formal for school or maybe too uncomfortable to wear every day? The watch ring is an ideal companion for your everyday student life but especially during exam time. You always have an eye on the time and there is no need to move around your wrist to check the time nor would you lose space when placing a chucky watch on your table.”

Find the perfect ring for your student life on our online shop.

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