Bridal Ring Watch
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Article on de Caron Bridal Ring Watches in Love Our Wedding Magazine

Love Our Wedding Magazine has written a wonderful article about de Caron and our Bridal Ring Watch which is a new inspired way to get down the aisle on time. Scroll down for an excerpt of this article.

Bridal Ring Watch

We love this inspired new way to get to the church on time… these brilliant new bridal ring watches!

If you’re the sort who likes to know the time all day, every day (and especially on your wedding day) then this little beaut of an idea is simply too good to keep up your sleeve. In fact, that’s precisely the point: you don’t wear this watch up your sleeve but on your finger! (Yep, it’s the other bridal ring!) Combining functionality and originality with sheer artistic creativity, check out these fabulous bridal ring watches…

Read the entire article here.

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