Designed for Trendsetters

Our functional lifestyle jewellery was created for trendsetters who are always in search for something unusual and aren’t afraid of making a fashion statement. To us versatility and innovative design is key in our pursuit to delight and amaze trendsetters around the world. We create jewellery that makes the wearer stand out from the crowd whilst still remaining somewhat discreet. Although the watch ring is understated and will not immediately attract attention you should know that people who take notice will be extremely curious about the functional piece of jewellery you are wearing and you should expect a lot of compliments. But our ring watches are not only truly unique accessories but also masterpieces of art.

With our watch rings we combine functionality, originality and artistry. Most accessories nowadays are visual symbols of one’s status and personality. Intentionally or not, what people wear says a lot about them. By wearing our designs you are not only showing off your impeccable taste but your appreciation for the art of watch making.

Our striking watches in the form of rings are not only interesting accessories but come with a lot of functional benefits. In comparison with wristwatches for example, our watch rings definitely win in comfort due to the small size and lightweight and won’t interfere on your hand, it is easier to read the time without attracting unwanted attention (e.g. in meetings, etc.) and the watch ring will leave plenty of space on your wrist for you to wear your charms and bracelets. If you want to find out more about how the functional benefits will positively enhance your lifestyle, then please click here.