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Functional Benefits of a de Caron Watch Ring

The striking de Caron watches in the form of rings are not only interesting accessories but come with a lot of functional benefits. In comparison with wristwatches for example, our watch rings definitely win in comfort due to the small size and lightweight and won’t interfere on your hand, it is easier to read the time without attracting unwanted attention (e.g. in meetings, etc.) and the watch ring will leave plenty of space on your wrist for you to wear your charms and bracelets. Keep reading to find out the many functional benefits which will positively enhance your lifestyle.

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Business life
Almost everyone can relate to a situation where they have been in a meeting and had to check the time for different reasons. It is often very obvious when somebody takes a peek at their wristwatch because you either have to twist your wrist a little bit or pull up the sleeves of the shirt you are wearing. More and more people check their phones for telling the time nowadays. But it is definitely disturbing and somewhat rude to pull your phone out during an important meeting, an interview or a deep conversation, nor is it nice to do so while listening to a speech or during presentations. The watch ring however tells you the time discreetly and uniquely whilst being a stylish statement piece of contemporary jewellery.

gold watch ring de caron


Daily life
Time is an essential part of our daily life. We are worried about being late or stressed that we don’t have enough time to finish our tasks. And we always hear that time is money. That is why it is so important to all of us to know the time especially in our everyday life circumstances. Many find themselves in a situation with their hands full of shopping bags or groceries and being unable to reach for their phone to tell the time nor their wristwatch because it is hidden under a long armed sweater or coat. Are you cramped inside an overcrowded train or bus during rush-hour and can’t really move or even take out your phone from your pocket? Our watch ring will come to the rescue in exactly those situations. But not only that, it will also become a part of your identity and even though you might just be running errands you will always make a sophisticated statement with your watch ring whilst always being stylishly informed about the time.

de caron silver watch ring


Sartorial life
Wearing a functional piece of jewellery can be a lot of fun as it is more than just a fashion statement. Whilst being very practical our unisex watch ring can be worn with any style of clothing, by any type of personality and any group of age. It is not only a truly stunning gift but can become a remarkable heirloom. And let’s not forget that by wearing a ring as a watch, your wrist is free to wear your lovely arm candy like bangles. The watch ring is the perfect piece of jewellery designed for people who love to experiment with their accessories and aren’t afraid of setting trends with their sartorial picks.

rose gold watch ring de caron


Social life
Unless it is a (diamond studded) dress watch it is quite unlikely that you would wear your wrist watch to a formal occasion or an evening function while wearing gala attire. And also remember that when pulling out your phone you are not only checking the time but you will be constantly distracted by messages, emails and reminders other than the time. Our watch ring however is a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery that will complete your outfit. Besides, you will realise what a fantastic conversational topic the watch ring will be at social gatherings and many people will praise you for your creative and chic choice of telling the time.

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Student life
Have you ever been in the situation where you had an exam and had to leave your phone in the pocket for obvious reasons? And wouldn’t that be stress enough you have forgotten to wear your watch because you only wear it on certain occasions as it is too formal for school or maybe too uncomfortable to wear every day? The watch ring is an ideal companion for your everyday student life but especially during exam time. You always have an eye on the time and there is no need to move around your wrist to check the time nor would you lose space when placing a chucky watch on your table.

rose gold watch ring de caron


Work/Corporate life
Sometimes you are expected to wear a uniform or a certain style of clothing to your work. Some organisations have strict rules and regulations on how to dress for certain jobs and in cases restrict the use of personal accessories and jewellery. A fashionable wrist watch might be too flashy for the work attire or might also be very heavy and uncomformable to wear, especially on hot summer days. With the watch ring you can rest assure that it is an elegant yet fashionable addition to your attire and will underline your personality. We have many different design options that will make your uniform still versatile while keeping with the corporate standards that are expected. Additionally the watch ring is comfortable to wear every day, all day.


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