Mother's Day
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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, we are celebrating international Mother’s Day. It is a wonderful occasion to show our gratitude and special love to the person who cares and nurtures us for her whole life. In the week from the 13th of May, de Caron offers a special discount in honour of all the mother’s and motherly figures in respect of their caring and endless love towards their children. With the code MOTHERS13 you will receive 13% off your order from our online shop and also enjoy FREE shipping & gift wrapping.

Spending time with your motherly figure is always special so we have put together our favourite things to do with our mums. Be reminded that this is probably one of the few occasions when you should stop looking at your watch and purely focus on quality time.

mother's Day

BRUNCH – Going out for brunch is always a good opportunity to properly catch up in a more casual environment.

KARAOKE – Remember all these times your mom sang you a lullaby? Now you are old enough to get your groove on, sip a few drinks and rock the dancefloor. If you are a bit shy then you can always book a private karaoke room.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES- Especially when the weather is nice you should think of what there is to do in your local area. Maybe there is a lake where you can rent a boat or a river on which you can take a cruise. And how about getting competitive at a round of crazy golf?

PAMPERING – Visit the spa together and get some treatments or a nice massage. Alternatively, why don’t you pamper your mum at home with a lovely home-made face mask? This is probably a bit too girly for the sons out there so instead of the spa, why don’t you go get a manicure together?

AFTERNOON TEA – If you and your mum like to get dressed up, then why don’t you book afternoon tea for the two of you in one of the fancy hotels or restaurants in your area?

MOVIES – Get yourself some sweet and sour treats and go see a movie. How about a comedy or romantic movie. Ideally, a movie with a great mother and child storyline. Do your research and make sure your mum has seen the trailer.

SHOPPING – Again this can sound a bit too girly but for the sons out there, mothers love to go shopping with you and get your opinion on their new dress. So give it a try.

PLAY CARDS /BOARD GAME – Play cards or board games together. Maybe you used to love playing a certain game when you were younger. This will bring back fond memories whilst creating new ones.

mother's Day

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