Product Information

Metal Finishing

We use high quality stainless steel because it is stronger and has a better luster and is also hypoallergenic compared to other metals. The jewellery is plated which results in a harder and more durable surface and offers great brightness and sheen. Due to the plating process the base metal and the plating can endure a significant amount of wear and tear without giving in which makes the jewellery easy to maintain. Our rings are exquisitely polished to assure highest finishing standards.

Watch Face

We use real mother of pearl in our dials which give the watch ring a silky and luxurious look. Additionally, real Swarovski crystals are masterfully placed inside the dial which sparkle beautifully and add extra brilliance to the watch face. Sapphire glass is placed over every watch face of our rings. This glass is twice as hard as standard glass and almost as hard as diamond, so it is less likely to scratch.

Water resistant

The watch ring is 3ATM water-resistant which means that it is suitable for everyday use. The watch ring has been thoroughly tested and passed all our tests. Nevertheless, we would recommend you to take the watch ring off when in contact with water (e.g. washing hands), when taking a shower or bath and during swimming, snorkelling and work that involves constant contact with water. Please also do not wear the ring when applying creams or sanitisers. By taking the ring off you will ensure that your watch ring stays in perfect condition. The winding crown should be closed securely and do not handle the crown whilst under water. The watch is not suitable for diving. Extreme humidity and heat, as well as chemicals may negatively impact the water resistance of the ring.


The watch ring is powered by a quartz movement. The battery life span is about 2 years depending on a few factors. Please do not change the battery yourself. You can bring it to your local de Caron dealer or send it to us and we will ensure it is professionally changed. Click here to find out more about our battery changing service.

Size Guide
Our watch ring is designed to fit most finger sizes by simply pulling or pushing the two ends of the ring band. Click here to find a more detailed size guide.

Care Advice

To keep your watch ring in perfect condition you should clean it properly and keep a few factors in mind. Try to avoid extreme humidity and heat, sunlight as well as chemicals. Do not wear it when you take a shower or a bath or during swimming and constant contact with water. Do not apply creams when wearing your watch ring.
You can gently polish and clean your watch ring with a lint-free cloth. Do not soak it in cleaning detergent or washing-up liquid.

We recommend storing your watch ring in our ‘de Caron’ microfiber pouch that it comes in. The microfiber material has been carefully selected to be used as a non-abrasive cleaning cloth for your watch ring. The ruffled pouch is also perfect when you travel and you can keep your watch ring separate from other jewellery pieces making sure that all of your jewellery is not tangled or scratched.