Behind the scenes at video shoot for de Caron ring watch collection with Cervids Entertainment (Christian Lehner) and Starl Viktoria
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Video Shoot for de Caron Watch Ring Collection – Behind the Scenes

On a cloudy April morning, the team came together in a modern Loft to shoot a camping video for the de Caron watch ring collection.

This was the first time this newly refurbished Loft was used as a filming location. We particularly chose this setting as the white furniture with its classic yet modern touches perfectly complemented the jewellery and our overall concept for the shoot. The videographer and entire team seamlessly managed to transfer the concept into reality.

Video Shoot for de Caron Watch Ring Collection - Behind the Scenes

“I was excited to produce a campaign video for such a unique accessory. It was a great day shooting with the de Caron team. I am convinced that soon we will see many people wearing these beautiful rings with the useful additional function. Personally, I am a big fan of the watch rings and look forward to the next promotional video in cooperation with de Caron.” Christian Lehner (Cervids Entertainment).

Here is an exclusive behind the scenes look at the campaign video shoot.

Watch the finished campaign video here:


Click here to view our entire collection.



Videographer: Cervids Entertainment (Christian Lehner)

Model: Viktoria Starl

Make-up & Hair: Anna Petra

Creative Direction: Sarah Edinger

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